Class D Adventurer Rank Guide

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On this guide we will help you get your Adventurer Rank in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal love from Class E to Class D.


  1. Your Adventurer’s handbook should be at least lvl 20

Item you will need for the adventurer Class D quest:

  1. Emperium x 1
  2. Cloth x 3
  3. Four leaf clover x 3

Step 1: Go to the Adventurer NPC at the upper part of Prontera. You will see it next to the Adventurer Skill NPC and get the quest. You should see a green quest.

Step 2: Go and find the mysterious NPC at Morroc you can find him at a bridge on the right side of the map.

Step 3: You will be tasked to kill 50 desert wolf at Morroc. It should be easy for you.

Step 4: Report back to the NPC

Step 5: You will be required to give the following items

  1. Emperium x 1
  2. Cloth x 3
  3. Four leaf clover x 3

You will have to Unlock some mini bosses in the Adventurer handbook.

Step 7: Report back to the NPC

Step 8: Bring him Eva & Dead Branch

Step 9: Kill 1 Osiris at Pyramid 2F. You will need a party here. TIP: You don’t have to be the MVP or the one who actually killed it. You have to deal some damage to Osiris.

Step 10: Go back to Morroc NPC

Step 11: Go back to Prontera, talk to Adventurer NPC to rank up!

Some of the Benefits of being a Class D Adventurer

  1. You will get be allowed to have 4 pets at pet labor
  2. New headgear will be open for purchase
  3. New pet taming items will be available from Magnus (pet taming NPC).