Daily Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Routine

As an adult who really love this game I have to make sure that I can keep up with the challenge while not leaving my responsibilities behind. Today I will share you what routine I have been mastering for quite some time now. Our time to make the most out of playing Ragnarok mobile eternal love has a limitation of up to 60 hours combat time only and will go down to 3 hours if you use lightning chain.

Main character Activities


  1. Listen to Music box for 60 minutes.
  2. Stick with students for extra combat time for 3 hours.
  3. Do the cooking challenge and cook food for SP Discharge.
  4. Buy converters and meals if necessary.
  5. Do guild contribution.

Game time

  1. Get monster resistance and kill high EXP monsters.
  2. Exhaust battle time until orange. 1 hour on combat fatigue.
  3. Finish the mission board quests
  4. Finish the rifts.
  5. Do the training room. I prefer just buying the ticket using the adventurer’s meatballs.
  6. Do Guild Quests.

Items to secure

  1. Buy Black wing.
  2. Check lucky shop for good items.
  3. Buy peak shards from the guild hall.
  4. Summon and buy good items from the Greedy Shop.
  5. Claim free Adventurer Meatballs.
  6. Buff students and get Mentor Medals.
  7. Help friends and get Friendship Tokens.

Sub character activities

  1. While the main character is exhausting it’s own combat time, exhaust sub-character combat time on doing pet adventure guide.
  2. Do the cooking challenge.
  3. Buy rare meat and cook level 5 food.
  4. Buy SP discharge materials for the main character.
  5. Optional: Do the mission board.
  6. Optional: Do rifts and Play with the character or use it to farm rare food materials or other stuff you want to do like side quests etc. Don’t forget to use the monster resistance buff.

Other weekly stuff to not forget

  1. Endless tower raid for each character.
  2. Valhalla raid with the Guild.
  3. Poring battle. (Is this active already?)