Mentor System Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Updated Guide

Mentor system or mentoring in Ragnarok M Eternal love is a really nice feature of the game to reward players with experience in helping newbies of the game. This will cover information on how to become a Mentor and starting guiding other players around.


  • Any character with Base Level of at least 85.


  • The mentor can only get up to 3 students at a time.
  • Kicking a student will lock your character to accept new students within the next 24 hours.
  • A newly added student can graduate after 3 days.
  • Even if a a student is already level 85, he cannot become a mentor until he graduates or get kicked by the mentor.
  • You can only get up to 900 Great Mentor’s License per week.

Benefits for the students:

  1. Students can be buffed with Adventure guide everyday. This give the student a 170% exp boost!
    Adventure Guide
  2. Guardian scroll will give the students +20 stats to all attributes. You cannot use this to students that are already on transcend job.
    Guardian Scroll

Benefits of the mentor:

  1. When your student finishes different daily and weekly tasks, mentor will get medals, now called Great Mentor’s License, that you can use to exchange for items like Guild’s Gift which provides 25 contribution per piece. Mentors can get a maximum of 900 Great Mentor’s License per week.
    Great Mentor's License

Mentor Shop

Mentor’s Potion is the new way to gain extra combat time. You will have to purcahse it with 60 Great Mentor’s License.

Here’s a walk through of me becoming a mentor.