My 2019 Goals In Different Aspects of Life

So many things have happened last 2018 in my life and I can say I am now ready for more this 2019. There is no better way to start this year with a plan. I divided them into different aspects of life.

Beginning with the end in mind.

Business Goals

As if this writing, I only have one business and it is Chicoi Solutions which is also known as Lancers of Chicoi. Lancers of Chicoi focuses on gaming and Chicoi Solutions offers wide variety of computer related services for a small community. I will continue focusing on developing it this year.

  • Renovate Alfonso branch before the 5th year anniversary on March 9. Done a bit late. Aug 2019.
    • Change the floor tiles.
    • Change the interior design of the customer lounge with new furniture and paint.
    • Checkbox Add a cool air conditioner in Alfonso Branch.
  • Checkbox Increase the net income of Chicoi Solutions by at least 50% compared to 2018 report. Failed on this one. But we are now more stable than ever and I can pay myself better now.
    •  Create an effective system for theft prevention, accounting and remote management. I guess it’s better now but we keep on upgrading our system.
    • Complete the 25 regular computers for rent in Luksuhin branch by June. Done on time!
    • Upgrade Trece Computers by August. Done on time!
    • Checkbox Add at least 5 computers in Trece branch by June. Funds was not enough.
  • Hold at least 4 eSports related event starting March to increase awareness and esports desire in the area. Held more than 4 events already for both PC and Mobile Esports.
  • Checkbox Set up one more branch before the end of the year. Funds was not enough.

Social Media Career Goals

I already started focusing on my YouTube since June 2018 because of my 1000 day challenge and because I’m serious about making a career out of my gaming and vlogging hobby, I should include some good goals.

  • Checkbox Reach 50,000 subscribers on YouTube before the end of 2019. I Started this year with 6,165 subscribers. Failed. Instead of making more content I stopped making them.
    • Checkbox Create at least 120 videos this year. This means I have to make at least 2 videos per week. Failed
    • Checkbox Collaborate with at least 8 serious vloggers with a minimum of 10k subscribers and are uploading regularly. At least two of them should be over 100k subscribers. Failed

chicoi schedule

  • Checkbox Reach 3,000 REAL and organic followers on my channel on or before the end of the contract with GameOn on September 30, 2019. REAL means I’m not going to do the “follow for follow” thing that’s rampant on the platform. Let’s keep it natural. We have started this year with 355 followers.
    • A side bonus would be getting promoted from basic streamer to potential Streamer.

NimoTv Goals was cancelled because it closed down.

  • Have a nice space for streaming and sitdown vlogs. Either in Luksuhin or Alfonso Branch. Basic setup is done but was set up in home instead.

Relationship Goals

Do I really have time for this? Kidding aside. Last year I had a 3 days two nights out of town with my family in Baguio City. I guess this year I’d like to make that

  • Checkbox two out of town gala with my family.

I also want to give more time to my youngest brother and bring him out for a nice bonding place like star city or Enchanted Kingdom on his Graduation this coming March.

  •  Special gala w/ bambam for graduating from elementary school. We watched the Avengers End Game!

Health and Fitness Goals

This has been the worse performing aspect of my life last year. I tried going to the gym but I was not able to keep it up because I felt it’s too far. I will commit to fixing it this 2019.

  • Checkbox Fix my sleeping pattern to 10:30pm to 6am. Nah I can’t do this. 12mn sleep time is okay.
  • Do some basic exercise for 30 to 40 minutes every morning after waking up. I worked out few hours every other day instead.
    • Buy some dumbbells. Bought a mini Gym Set
  • Checkbox Get back to training karatedo once a week every sunday 9am to 12pm. Failed
  • Checkbox Get at least 1 massage every month. Failed, I’m too lazy and I’m not comfortable to do it.

Other than fixing my sleep and workout, I’d like to focus on keeping myself look good so I’d probably invest some time on experimenting a little bit about fashion. And also few money on buying good clothes to wear. I bought a few shirts, 1 new pants, and 2 new shoes.

Fun and Recreational Goals

For fun and recreation, I’m not sure if I need to put on something here because I’m already having fun with my work. But this is a goal list so let’s put something nice here.

  • Attend at least 2 big gaming conventions. Gamecon last April and ESGS last October.
  • I’d also like to hike up a mountain with some friends. March 2 2019 Mount Pinatubo!

Mind Goals

For goals to develop the mind I’d like to

  • Checkbox At least 12 books related to business and personal development should be a nice goal.
  •  I would also like to learn basic Japanese; and
  •  Relearn some basic guitar.

Society & Community Goals

Giving back to the community would be one of the best to do before the year ends. I’m gonna join one outreach event within the area.

Public accountability is one of my tricks that pushes me to do stuff. The feeling of putting yourself to shame if you don’t do what you said is something I don’t want to experience ever so I’d do my bestest best just to make them work. I know that sometimes along the way things could go wrong but hell yeah! Who cares? I’ll just do what ever I think I should do. I’ll do my best to make things work out. Wish me luck.

Final Update

  • Business Goals: 2/4
  • Social Media Career Goals: 1/3
  • Relationship Goals: 1/2
  • Health and Fitness Goals: 1/4
  • Fun and Recreational Goals: 2/2
  • Mind Goals: 2/3
  • Society and Community Goals: 0/1

Conclusion of 2019 goals.

I think I can say that I failed to reach these goals. Out of 19 goals I was only able to do 9. This is probably because I’m too lazy to actually do it or I found something better to focus on.

Let’s try it again next year.