Milestone Tracker 2019

After setting up goals for 2019, I believe that tracking the progress is also a very important task to do. Setting up goals but not bothering to track them would also mean not giving importance to the progress made.

This post will be updated whenever I think that there’s anything that I think is worth mentioning here. It might be a business achievement, physical goals, career goals, fun goals etc.


29th – This blog has been approved for Google Adsense giving us an extra income stream. Also just added a Google Analytics to track the blog’s performance.


25th – Published the First Episode of Tech, Gadgets, & Products. Vlog here.


2nd – First time going to Mount Pinatubo through 4 x 4 and then trekking. Vlog here. Goal Achieved: 1 Mountain with friends.

7th – Started to consistently build my Instagram following. Starting count is at 1,065

10th – Just hit the 10k Youtube milestone.

11th – Started doing regular workout to bulk up.


1st – Starting building Esports Authority’s Presence on Facebook and Instagram. For now, consist of memes or gaming-related photos.

7th – Attended my first gaming convention this year! GameCon PH. 1 down 1 to go.

10th – Started learning about the basics of nutrition to build muscles.

16th – Started Planning my new business called RUG Clothing.

26th – Just hit the 5k Instagram milestone.

29th – Special gala with my brother Bambam! We went to Tagaytay Fora mall to eat, shop, and watch the Avengers End Game!

30th – Secured a P100k investment for expanding services of Chicoi Solutions – Luksuhin Branch.


13th – Attended my first ever brand sponsored event. It was with Samsung. They gave me a free phone! Read more.


3rd – Luksuhin branch is now operating 24/7.

8th – Luksuhin branch now has a total of 22 work stations.

8th – With so much hesitation if I should start promoting Mobile Esports, I made a leap of faith. We made our first MLBB Tournament in our Main branch in Alfonso. It was successful with 16 teams joining the tournament. Then we followed it up with another Mobile Legends Tournament in our Trece Martires City Branch. Watch here.

17th – First time covering a big tournament as part of the media. Mobile Legends Bangbang South East Asia Cup 2019. Watch here.

22th – Purchased a domain and started a new blog for EsportsAuthority. This is my place for Esports Related news! Visit

29th – Another Mobile Legends Bangbang Tournament in Trece Martires City. It was a success and has placed our shop again on the map.


1st – I decided to stop streaming for GameOn and NimoTv. It was a wrong decision partnering with them for this venture.

10th – Officially made a slight brand update. We made Lancers of Chicoi focus more on Gaming and Esports on multiple gaming nodes. PC Gaming and Mobile gaming. Probably Console Gaming in the futre too.

13th – Held the first INTER HIGH TOURNAMENT for Trece Martires City was held. 3 down 1 to go.


8th – Just finished upgrading all 30 computers in Trece Martires Branch. and 5 computers in Poblacion 2 Alfonso Branch.

24th – Finished the rennovation of interiors for Alfonso Branch. Just few more tweaks and we’ll be completely done.


7th – Talked in front of over a thousand students from CVSU for their Entrepreneurial day 2019.

15th – Learned about milk tea and also started selling in our Alfonso Branch.

30th – Welcomed officially as part of the Kiwanis Indang Walang Tinag.


17th – Installed nimbus and got  rid of pondo at last.

26th – Attended as part of the Media Day of ESGS 2019.


17th – Started a new program called Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang. It’s an exclussive program for our competitive members.


4th – Started Negociary  A vlog channel where I share thoughts, learnings, and challenges I experience in doing business.

4th – First time securing sponsored event for Chicoi Esports Cafe. 70k worth of sponsorship!

15th to 19th – First time doing a vlog for someone else as a commissioned work. Mommy’s Dayout.

23rd – First time buying shoes for my bros!

30th – Installed Indoor Wifi Vendo. Let’s Try this out.