Mobile Legends in SEA Games 2019

This year is a very exciting year for Esports fans as some popular electronic games that we love are going to be medal sports for this year’s South East Asian Games 2019. This is a strong indication that even traditional sports organizations are starting to recognize that Esports is also a competitive area of our generation.

The SEA Games will commence this November 30, 2019 where 11 countries will be participating for over 520 events. 56 sports will be featured where PC, mobile, and console games are included.

Esports games that made the list are

  • PC Games: DOTA 2 and Star Craft 2.
  • Mobile Games: Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends.
  • Console will feature Tekken 7.

As of today, the government has not yet announced the process or steps on how to be the first Philippine National Athlete for Esports.

With the SEA Games and Esports just around the corner, I hope that our local gamers will get the right support they deserve. Rise Up Gamers!