My new Venture in Esports – Esports Authority

Back in 2016, I started to gain huge interest in Esports especially in the DOTA 2 scene. I saw that there is a great future in this industry. I saw that our passion in playing competitive games can turn into something that we can be proud of.

Since then, I have been thingking of a way to get really involved and know the ins and outs of Esports. I tried creating an amateur DOTA 2 team and joined plenty of events and tournaments. I also volunteered as staff for events in exchange of nothing. I also tried becoming a streamer and managed to be sponsored for a year. And now I decided I want to try and become a media company for Esports.

Esports Authority is created initially to feature Dota 2 Tournaments. back in 2017, We also created our own tournament called “The Online Major”.

Today I think I should take this brand to another level. We will start really going deeper into other Esports Titles like DOTA 2, League of legends, CS:GO, and many more. We will also cover topics that are related to Esports like Tech.

The Facebook page(s) will be the place for live streams and short form video news. The website will be the place for news and articles. YouTube will be the place for Videos on Demand like game replays, highlights, stories, etc.

I hope that through this new project, I can pursue my passion in Esports and bring value to gamers like me.