Finally, I am documenting my Entrepreneurial Journey

I always had a passion to vlog and document my life. I’ve been vlogging just for me to have something to look back when I feel like I want to reminisce the memories of the good ol days.

However, It took me a while to decide if I  shoud be vlogging about my entrepreneurial adventures. I had thoughts of maybe it is unecessary to vlog about this because there are lots and lots of failures. But hey! Those failures makes this journey worth sharing! So today I have decided to make it a reality and start the vlog.

On this YouTube channel, I will document and share the ups and downs of my business life. I will also share lessons I learned that might help anyone who would watch the videos.

I’m not yet ready to make it really beatiful because I dont have a video editor so I will start with short and raw videos. Maybe as I progress through the vlog we’ll give extra effort make these videos more presentable, or maybe not.

Hey I dont care if people subscribe here, I just to document what’s going on.

You may check out this new channel calaled Negociary here.