My 2020 Goals

It’s a new year once again! What’s more special is that this time, this new year is also a start of a new decade! So how do I want to start this decade off? Maybe from where I left off.

Many marvelous things have happened last year and I thank God for letting me be here for another year. There are many things that I was not able to do in my 2019 goals but I’m not losing hope, I will try again this year.

Few things to remember while doing your Goals. Keep it SMART!

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timebound

Business Goals

My main business is still Chicoi Solutions/Chicoi Esports Cafe. As Chicoi Esports Cafe goes more stable and can operate on it’s own, I will start another small business on either of these before the year ends.

It’s not yet clear which business I would start but the goal is to start at least one of those.

  1. Checkbox Add one more branch of Chicoi Esports Cafe.
  2. Checkbox Start another business.

Social Media Career Goals

My biggest failure last year. This time I want to be more consistent with my postings on different platforms. I still want to deserve the “YouTuber” title by actually posting consistently.

I want to build up the name Chicoi Gonzales. A gamer who owns an esports computer cafe and vlogs about gaming, esports, and his life.

  1. Checkbox Reach 20,000 YouTube subscribers. Starting at 11,827
    • Checkbox 52 YouTube Videos.
    • Checkbox 4 Collaborations with bigger channels.
  2. Checkbox Reach 15,000 followers on Instagram. Starting at 8,197
    • Checkbox 52 Instagram Posts.
  3. Checkbox Reach 15,000 likes on Facebook. Starting at 7,432.

Health and Fitness Goals

I only have 2 body goals this year.

  1. Checkbox Regular Karate Training every Sunday.
    • Checkbox Bonus: Win Gold in one karate tournament.
  2. Checkbox Gain 15 lbs of muscle.

That’s pretty much it for the body goals. I just want to be healthier and be more capable.

Fun and Recreational Goals

I don’t really think I have to make extra goals for Fun and Recreation because I know that I will have fun what ever I will do. But maybe we should put something here.

  1. Checkbox Go hike a new mountain.
  2. Checkbox Go on a travel.
  3. Checkbox Buy 2 cool shoes worth 10k above. So this will be the start of collecting shoes.

Mind and  Learning Goals   

  1. Learn some rhythm guitar songs.
  2. Pass JLPT at least N5.

Relationship Goal

For my relationship goal with my family.

  1. Checkbox Do a really fun activity with my little brother bambam. Either karate training, mountain bikes, or vlogs.
  2. Checkbox Go out with Mama at least twice this year.

That’s basically it for this year. I hope that this time I get the right discipline to do them all.

I will keep on tracking them on this post.