Pandemic Recovery Strategy

How I plan to recover from the aftermath of the this pandemic. 

Major Step #1: Talk to the Dragons of Pandemic Expenses

  1. Banks – Talk to banks whom I loaned business money and ask them to help me minimize my monthly dues. If possible, ask them to let me pay just the monthly interests and waive the penalties of failing to pay on time if there is any. 
  2. Land Lords – Ask them what I can do to mitigate the problem we are currently experiencing.
  3. PLDT – Ask them to waive the fees incurred during the pandemic.

Major Step #2: Check if the physical stores can still get back to it’s feet.

  1. Identify what the Physical stores can do with the new normal.
    1. Focus on basic work from home and school related needs.
    2. Test other services like co-working spaces and computer rental services.
  2. Liquidate all assets that cannot be used with the changes.
  3. Minimize expenses to the least amount possible.
  4. Re brand and showcase the business’s new face. Show that we are ready for the new normal.

Major Step #3: Increase all my personal income.

  1. Accept Computer repairs. This is on demand right now.
  2. Video editing requests, while building my new Media Marketing Agency.

Major Step #4: Focus on creating tons of content for building my personal brand.

I believe that building my personal brand will bear the sweetest fruit in terms of financial success. I will also use the results of my personal branding journey as a portfolio for the Media Marketing Agency. 

Chicoi Gonzales – RiseUpGamers

  1. YouTube Vlogs – Create videos that targets the gamer’s interests.
  2. YouTube GamePlays – Create videos to create more interests on livestreams.
  3. Fb Streaming – Always do MLBB tasks to get free funds for marketing purposes.
  4. FB Page – Create content that strengthens my brand as an Esports Enthusiast and the Rise Up Gamers advocacy.
  5. Shopee Streaming – Create content that’s related to adulting life, business, and trending stuff.
  6. Esports Authority – A blog to show my relevant knowledge on what’s happening w/ the video games and esports scene.

Major Step #5: Establish an online merch store. RUG Clothing for passive income.

After having generating ton of content and reaching 5k followers on my fb gaming page, I will start selling my community merch.

Major Step #6: Establish an SMMA

Increase the capacity of my graphics services by hiring more people. Will cater to supporting other streamers in creating their content.

Major Step #7: Start paying business loans aggressively even if I have to use my personal money.