6th income stream: Chicoi Solutions

Even before the pandemic was here, I have already started accepting video editing services. But I never announced it anywhere because I’m not sure if my time would be enough to do more than one client. I also accept computer troubleshooting requests. It’s in demand right now because most people are trying to setup a working space for their work from home.

Video editing is the start of building my online digital services company which will eventually become a core service of the new Chicoi Solutions. For now, I accept almost anything, like video compilation, photo slide shows, clipping and game play highlights for streamers and gamers, vlog editing, etc.

Current Service offered:

  1. Video editing for Vlogs.
  2. Photo editing for Thumbnails.
  3. Computer building and outsourcing. (Temporary service)
  4. Computer trouble shooting and basic repairs.

These two activities are both unstable sources and are still active income streams. But eventually I can turn it into a full pledged online company in the future especially the video editing service. It consumes time but pays very well.