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Keith Varias, also known as Chicoi in the gaming industry, is a young entrepreneur from Cavite, Philippines. He loves gaming in many forms. He also makes videos of his adventures and things that interest him. He was nominated and awarded Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards at the Banko Central ng Pilipinas last December 2017.

He is the eldest of 5, single, and currently residing in his hometown, Alfonso, Cavite.

Other than gaming and his businesses, he was also a full-blooded athlete. He has won several sports karatedo tournaments locally and internationally. He was also a reserved national athlete for Philippine Karate Federation NSA Back in 2013 – 2014.

Trivia: During his elementary days, he was a poster making champion and awarded the Pag-guhit award for his excellence in bringing shapes and colors into life.

His current businesses:

  • Chicoi Solutions Computer Services – Started in 2014. a small shop which focuses on helping a small community of mostly students with their computer service related needs.
    • Chicoi’s Gaming Cafe – Started in 2016 as Lancers of Chicoi then later on changed to Chicoi’s Gaming Cafe. An internet cafe which focuses on giving pc gamers a space they deserve.
  • RUG Clothing – a small and upcoming clothing line for gamers which is set to launch later this 2019.
  • Esports Authority – a small aspiring media company for Esports that is set to launch later this 2019.
  • Chic Oy! Yummy Chicken – an aspiring Fried Chicken Franchise set to launch later this 2019.
Working @ChicoiSolutions

Get connected:

  • Youtube: youtube.com/keithvarias
  • Instagram: instagram.com/keithvarias
  • Facebook: facebook.com/keithvarias
  • email: keithvarias @ gmail (dot) com