About Keith Varias aka Chicoi

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Keith Varias, also known as Chicoi in the gaming industry, is a gamer & entrepreneur from Cavite, Philippines. Eldest of 5, single, and currently residing in Alfonso Cavite, his hometown.

Chicoi’s first video games were through a Family Computer his parents acquired in the mid 2000’s. Games like Super Mario, Adventure Island, Battle city, and Contra are just some of the games he and his brothers loved playing on their childhood. Since then, he has played countless video games in his life until his cousin introduced him to DOTA in 2006. Now his most played game of all time is Dota 2 which was a continuation of his love for the earlier version of the game.

His love for DOTA 2 has opened his mind to ideas and the potential of gaming. Back in late 2016 he created and managed a small group of amateur Dota 2 teams in Cavite. This was the first attempt to dive deeper into Esports and explore the world that’s still in its early stages of development.

Since then, he started documenting his adventures in Esports and gaming through videos that are posted on his YouTube channel.

In other parts of his life, Keith Varias is an entrepreneur for gaming and esports. He was nominated and awarded Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by the Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards at the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas last December 2017 for his amazing story on how he built his small empire around his hobbies. He just started to share his entrepreneurial adventures on his YouTube channel called Negociary.

Other than gaming and his businesses, Chicoi is also a full-blooded athlete. He has won several sports karatedo tournaments locally and internationally. Keith was also a reserved national athlete for Philippine Karate Federation NSA Back in 2013 – 2014. He also made a YouTube channel for that called Senpai Keith’s Karate Vlog.

Trivia: During his elementary days, he was a poster making champion and awarded the Pag-guhit award for his excellence in bringing shapes and colors into life. No more YouTube Channel for this haha!.

His current businesses:

Working @ChicoiSolutions
  • Chicoi Solutions Computer Services – Started in 2014. a small computer center that focuses on helping a small community of mostly students with their computer service related needs.
    • Chicoi Esports Cafe – Started in 2016 as Lancers of Chicoi then later on changed to Chicoi Esports Cafe. A cybercafe that focuses on giving pc gamers a space to develop their skills in Esports.
  • Esports Authority – a small aspiring media company for Esports. that is set to launch later this 2019 started June 2019. It focuses on bringing esports related news to Pinoy enthusiasts.
  • RUG Clothing – Rise Up gamers Clothing, a small and upcoming clothing line for gamers which is set to launch earlier this 2020.