My 1,000 Days Challenge

A few days ago, I was watching a video from Nas daily where he was talking about ending his daily videos because he’s about to finish his commitment of making 1 video a day for the next 1,000 days. I never knew he had that commitment until I watched that episode. Knowing that amazed me, it sparked some interest in me too. I ask myself, what about me? What can I do and commit to for the next 1,000 days of my life?

In the following days, I kept asking myself and today I realized that within the next 1,003 days I’ll be turning 30!

They say that who ever you are, what ever you have when you reach 30 you deserve every bit of it.

I kinda panicked and decided I have to really do something about my life now!

Honestly, many things have been happening to me lately. Some big problems that I have to face and solve kinda burnt me out and is taking it’s toll. I felt that nothing good was happening anymore. It’s all work and it drains all my energy. To turn the table around I had to go back to basics the of life. I learned that there are 5 areas that we can consider. The mind, the body, spirit, society, and lastly finance. I decided to go through all of them one by one and check to see what I can do about them.

The mind

This pertains to wisdom, learning, knowledge, and skills. I believe that the mind should continuously learn new things and explore new ideas otherwise it will wither and die. Keep it sharp and strong. I decided to learn a new language and read at least 6 books every year. The language would be Japanese and books would be related to business, personality development, and leading people.

The Body

It means keeping your body healthy. I’ve been struggling to keep a good sleeping pattern and I really want to work that out. I prefer working time starting at around 6 am but it’s really quite hard and requires a lot of discipline. Especially I’m a night person. Other than this I would like to go back to training Karatedo at least once a week. A gym session would also be nice but I doubt I can add it up to my schedule.

The Spirit

It’s about your relationship to the creator, your sense of fulfillment, finding and serving your purpose. It’s about enlightenment. This is the weakest aspect of my life but I will try to keep the basics. Regularly pray and thank God for things he is doing for me and keep on serving my purpose which is to help bring change to the gaming community.


I want to make a habbit of doing something for the society where I physically get involved. I really like things related to children or the nature.

Career and Finance

I guess for me, this is the easiest part of life. I’m not saying it’s easy to make good money and a stable career but in this area, I can definitely make plans and work on it. Here I can control things easier. I want to have a stable source of income from both active and passive sense. I want to have a good enough savings and an insurance for my mother and myself.