Assassin Build: Sonic Blow Guide

Today we are going to talk on everything I know about a Sonic blow build assassin in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. There are so many available variations to assassin and assassin cross but today this guide hope to give you some basic knowledge so you can start working on your own sonic blow assassin.

Pros and Cons of a Sonic blow build


  • This build be be a good choice specially on your earlier levels because you can kill mobs way faster.
  • Sonic blow users usually can hybrid it with soul breaker or grim tooth build.


  • Sonic blow build can be a pain to maintain since it will need a lot of SP in the process. Blue pots are really expensive and to alleviate that, you must learn how to cook your way to success.
  • Sonic blow can also miss if you do not have enough hit rate.

We will divide it into Different Parts.