Sonic Blow Build: Equipment and Armor Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

On this part of the guide we will talk about armors and equipment for the sonic blow build in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. At the moment of this writing, I believe these are the best you can get for your sonic blow type assassin cross.

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Parts Item
  • Rosa Bracelet
  • End Game: Evil Bracer (from Skull Bracer) for end game because tier IV has Melee Atk +5% when refined to +10.
Skull Bracer
  • Early to Mid: Game: Tights because tights has Atk +4% on base from and Atk +8% in tier 3. 
  • Mid Game: Thief Clothes would also be a good choice if combined with Holy Dagger mainly because of bonus damage to Small monsters. Tier 4 will also give Atk +6%.
  • End Game: Ninja Suit Moonlight because it has 5% additional Damage to L-size when refined to + 5. When refined to +10 will give +4% damage and +15 will give +8% damage.
  • Mid to End Game: Ancient Cape which give +15% ignore defense. Specially effective against bosses.
Ancient Cape
Foot gears
  • Mid Game: Rune Shoes because tier 3 give Atk +1%, 10% movement speed.
  • End Game: Runes boots for end game because Rune Boots has Atk + 3%.
Runes Shoes
Accessory #1 Strength Ring
Accessory #2
  • Mid Game: Strength Ring because tier 4 give Atk +1.
  • End GamePowerful Ring for late game because of STR +5 and Atk +3%
Strength Ring


Parts Item
  • Cat Ear Beret which gives Atk +5%.
  • End Game: Helmet of the Orc Hero which gives Melee Damage +10% when refining reaches +10
Helmet of Orc Hero
  • Eye scar which give Ignore Defense +2%
  • Pinocchio’s Nose which give Damage to Demi Human +5%
  • End Game: Angel Spirit because it give Atk +4% however it’s not yet released.
Angel Spirit
  • Blow Gun is a good option for it cover’s some Dex needed for Sonic Blow Build. Dex +4 and when refining reaches +5/+10/+15 Dex +1/+2/+3 respectively.
  • Spiked Scarf which gives Damage to Demi Human Race +5%
Spiked Scarf
  • Mid Game: Adventurer Bag because when refining reached plus 10, it give tons of bonuses when certain amount of stat is reached. Example Luk 90 gives Crit Dmg +5%.
  • End Game: Devil Wing because it has all attributes +1 and Dmg +5% or
  • End Game: Wandering Minstrel hat because it gives Str +5, when Katar is equipped, Atk +4%, For Refining +1 Damage of Sonic Blow +1%
Adventurer Bag
  • Petite’s Tail because it give Movement speed +5%.
  • Wind-perch Drake is a limited edition gotcha item which give +5% Final damage increase if if target has greater than 50% HP.
Petite's Tail