Ymir’s Notebook Explained Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Today we’ll talk about this very important book in Ragnarok mobile eternal love, the Ymir’s Notebook. It allows you to save your stats, skills, and runes as many times as you want. And when used properly you can let yourself have unlimited resets for free.

To get this book you will need to be at least a Class C Adventurer.

The first thing you should do to have an unlimited reset for your character, is to have all your attributes, skill points, and Runes reset.

Attribute Reset

To reset your stats, you will need an eternal rock which you can get from quests or from buying at event merchant in Prontera. You will then bring the eternal rock to Raynojose which you can found inside the Adventurer’s HQ which is also located in Prontera.

Skills Reset

To reset your skills, you will need a skill reset rod which you can also purchase from the event merchant in lower Prontera.

Rune Reset

To reset your runes, all you have to do is click the center rune then click reset. It will require you to pay certain amount of zenny.


  1. Question: What will happen if you leveled up and then loaded a clean reset. Will I lose the attributes gained from leveling up?
    Answer: You will not lose any points you gained in attributes, runes, and skills.