All about Guild in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Importance of Joining a Guild

Being a guild gives tons of benefits making it one of the most important feature in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Some of those benefits are:

  1. having access to Aesir Monument which allows your character to have some tremendous boost on your character through runes.
  2. Access to Prayers.
  3. Access to Valhalla.
  4. Access to peak shards which allows your job to go beyond level 40.
  5. Access to equipment Reinforcement.

Creating a Guild

First go to Izlude and talk to Valkyrie.

valkyrie guild

There are few requirements that you need. It would be easy for most of us.

  1. At least level 20
  2. 200,000 zeny
  3. Emperium

Joining a Guild

To join a guild just click on more then click Guild. Put on the search box the name of the guild you want to join or select a guild from the list.

Joining a guild

Leaving a Guild

To leave a guild just go to the Guild Officer

Leaving a Guild

If you left a guild to join another, there will be an 8 hour cool down period before you can join a guild again. However you can immediately create your own guild.

Aeisir Monument can still be used and still active after leaving a guild.