Rune Cloth Circlet Quest Walkthrough Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Rune Cloth Circlet is a nice head wear that you can get for free from just doing some series of quests in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love called Magical Journey. You can find this magical Journey in your Adventurer’s Handbook. And Today we’ll have some fun doing this walk through with my friend Maravana.

Magical Journey Quest

Magical Journey Pre-quest Requirements:

Before you start the quest, there are there requirements that you have to fulfill.

First you need the Fantasy Silver Bracer. You can get it for free from the Level 50 and Level 90 Growth Pack or you can also buy it from the event merchant in Prontera for 100,000 zeny.

Fantasy Silver Bracer

The second requirement is that you need to have the Adventurer Skill called hand in hand. You can purchase it from the Adventurer Skill merchant in north of Town of Prontera for 10,000 zeny.

adventurer skill hand in hand

The third requirement is an opposite sex partner. If your character is a male, you need a female character and vice versa. You need them all the way to the end of the quest. Both of you will also get the head wear.

Rune Cloth HeadwearStep 1:

You can start the journey by going to Goblin Forest and talk to NPC named Ludwig. He’s just beside the right bridge and in front of the giant sphere. There you will have to ride the Ferris Wheel of Love. To start the quest just click Invite a loved one. Your partner should accept the letter to proceed.Ludwig Ferris Wheel of Love

And that is how you get the Rune Cloth Circlet.

Here we’re sharing our own adventure getting the rune cloth.