Samsung Passion Lab Experience

I started focusing on building my career in gaming and esports last August 2018. I’m having some really good time experimenting with many things that could help me achieve my goals as a content creator. I know that to make this possible, I need quality content but other than that, building a network around the industry is a big part of the journey.

Samsung has a new program called PasS10n Lab (Passion Lab) which is created to market samsung S10 as a very helpful tool for different passion we millennial’s have. That includes business, content creation for social media, fitness, and mobile gaming.Samsung Passion Lab

The event was held at Clock In BTC, Taguig City from 6pm to 10pm last May 13, 2019. It was a big achievement for me because this is the first brand related event that I attended where I was invited and recognized as a “streamer/gamer” so I made sure to seize the opportunity to get to know more about other gamers and streamers like FrheaJaimil, Archer Prerez, and many others especially the event’s special guest who is no other than Gino Quillamor. They were even “game face ready” to be included in my upcoming vlog about this event.

The vlog with some new friends in the gaming industry is published on my YouTube channel which you can check here. They enthusiastically answered my question: “If you’d be a real life game character who would you be?“.

Thanks to the awesome guys from Daddy’s Day Out, boss Ian and boss EndoySkie, who really made the effort to include me in this Passion Lab. I hope that my presence there put my name on Samsung’s radar of potential partners as an influencer.

Before we left the event, Samsung generously gave each of us a Samsung Galaxy M20 as a parting gift. That’s another first time receiving a gift from a brand. That made it even more memorable!

With this new milestone, I’m pumped up to make my craft better. There are still more things to do and more things to come this year. I believe that this is just the beginning of an awesome adventure of building a name in esports and gaming.