Lancers of Chicoi is now Chicoi Esports Cafe

Lancers of Chicoi was a brand name we developed for our 2nd branch. I decided to make it different because this branch was focused on PC gaming. The name “Lancers of Chicoi” was derived from a DOTA 2 hero, Phantom Lancer. The inspiration was that Phantom lancer starts off weak. He has a skill where he can quickly create a smaller and weaker version of himself and due to his number and tremendous presence on the field, he can carry the game to win.

The idea for Lancers of Chicoi was the same, create many small branches quickly. It also represents the gaming community, we might be small and weak but through numbers, we are legion. Although many things have happened for the last few years, we continue to provide service to the PC gaming community.

For two years the cyber cafe was prospering and we have served thousands of PC gamers in our place. However at this time 2019, PC rental business has been on the downslope for quite some time and if we don’t want our business to go down the sewer, we have to innovate and adapt.

The New Brand: Chicoi Esports Cafe

I have decided to start a mild rebrand by changing our brand name from Lancers of Chicoi to Chicoi Esports Cafe. We will expand our market from just PC Gamers to PC Gamers, PS4 gamers, and even Mobile Gamers. We will also add more food options, and make our place cozy and have spaces made specifically for group mobile gamers.

We will do it slowly but surely with hopes that this new direction will bring us back on track.