Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang

Chicoi Esports Cafe’s mission is to empower a diverse community of gamers by providing them a place to develop their skills and by cultivating their athletic spirit through events & competitions so they may reach their full potential.

Since 2014, Chicoi Esports Cafe has been holding events and tournametns for different games mostly DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends. It’s always open to the amateur gamers from everywhere.

Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang

Now for our loyal members, we have created a new program that is exclusive for them. As part of our goals to cultivate their athletic spirit in Esports, we are launching the Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang program.

This is a series of mini event will run for 6 weeks. Our goal is to spark their desire to be a better esports athlete in DOTA 2, LOL, and other Esports titles that we will handle. This will be a space for them to practice and test their skills.

I am proud to say that this event, despite being free, will give out incentives to winners.

It’s our pleasure if one day the participants of the events and programs we created ends up becoming another success story in Esports.