Food Vlog: Japanese Food by Nodaya!

Last Wednesday I just had my very first authentic Japanese food! My friend wanted to talk business so she invited me to her restaurant in Little Tokyo Makati.

Her restaurant is called Nodaya Japanese Restaurant. The interior look and feel is Japanese indeed. It has 13 counter seats, 3 spacious dining table that can fit 4 each, and for a more private eating and drinking experience, they have 4 VIP rooms that can cater 6 person in each room. If you are more than 6, the rooms are modular so you can combine two or even 4 rooms into one. They serve authentic Japanese food and drinks. What’s nice about them is they import most of their ingredients straight from Japan every week and their chefs and cooks are trained by Japanese food experts!

They are frequently visited by Japanese nationals but they also cater for the growing number of Filipino and foreign customers.

Nodaya Japanese Restaurant is located in Little Tokyo Makati and they are open from 5pm to 12mn with last order until 11:30pm.

I will definitely bring some friends along when I come back to Nodaya Japanese Restaurant.

By the way here’s the vlog: