Milestone Tracker 2020

I will use this page to track my progress. You will see here stuff that I think are worthy to be part of my Milestones for each month.

If you want to see my 2020 goals, you can check it out here.


  • 11th – [Body Goals] Went back to regular Sunday karatedo trainings and I went to training with bambam too!
  • 25th – [Business & Career Goals] First time holding a League of Legends tournament and it was fun! You can watch the vlog here.
  • 30th – [Career Goals] First time making a Food Vlog!


  • 8th – [Relationship Goals] Pasyal with my little brother Bambam!
  • 24th – [Career Goals] Reached 10k followers on instagram.
  • 27th – [Career Goals] First collaboration with a bigger channel(32k FB followers). The Chui Show. You can watch the vlog here.
  • 28th – [Mind and Social Goals] Went to Puerto and Elnido Palawan for 4 days 3 nights with friends. It was a great adventure. Check out the vlog here.


  • 13th – [Mind Goals] Decided to live by myself.
  • 17th – [Career Goals] Started my first “30-day Challenge”, the 30 day vlogging challenge.


  • 1st – [Career Goals] I became an official Shopee Live Streamer
  • 11th – [Mind Goals] Started actually learning how to sing and I’m documenting the process here.
  • 16th – [Career Goals] Finished my first 30 day Challenge,
  • 21st – [Career Goals] Created my first MLBB Tutorial article and video.
  • 22nd – [Career Goals] Started my 2nd 30 day challenge. the 30 day MLBB Live Stream Challenge.


  • 6th – [Career Goals] Launched my very own official hashtags
  • 25th – [Career Goals] formed my own Moderators and promoters for Chicoi Playz. They are called Solid Bords Soldiers.
  • 28th – [Career Goals] Finished my 2nd 30 day challenge!
  • 29th – [Career Goals] Became an official Key Opinion Leader (Influencer) for Mobile Legends Bang Bang!
  • 30th – [Career Goals] My first community event for Solid Bords Squad


  • 8th – [Career Goals] Started a new YouTube Channel for Wild Rift
  • 26th – [Career Goals] recreated EsportsAuthority Logo


  • 1st – [Business Goals] Reopened Chicoi Solutions Alfonso.
  • 9th – [Career Goals] Created my own personal brand logo!
  • 13th – [Business Goals] Rebranded Chicoi Solutions branches to BOSS Station.


  • [Career Goals] Started Entrep Diaries on YouTube
  • [Social Goals] Volunteered as Moderator for Kasosyo Arvin’s Zoom meeting.
  • [Career Goals] Reached 5,000 Followers on Chicoi Playz Facebook Page.
  • 24th – [Career Goals] Reached 10k followers on Chicoi Gonzales FB Page.


  • 5th – [Business Goals] First day of Sulit Ukay Deals.
  • 13th – [Business Goals] Reopened Chicoi Esports Cafe Trece
  • 29th – [Career Goals] 10k Followers on Shopee!


  • 3rd – [Social Goals] Community Activity with Kiwanis Highlanders
  • 17th – [Business Goals] Started planning for Kaminari Go PH


  • 1st – [Business Goals] Started operating Kaminari Go PH Manually
  • 2nd – [Social Goals] Guest speaker for CMA Awards 2020 opening program.