30 day Vlogging Challenge!

I considered this year to be my ultimate year of actually trying to make a YouTube career. And to do that I will have to be as visible and as consistent as possible.

I started it off with a 30 day vlogging challenge where I will post a new video on my YouTube Channel every single day.

Making a vlog everyday is already a challenge but to make it even more challenging, We’re doing it during a lockdown. last March 17, 2020, a lockdown was implemented because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

With limited places to go and things to do, I will do everything I can to keep this challenge going. Even if it drains my very limited creative capabilities.


Creating a vlog everyday was proven quite challenging. But I’m happy I was able to produce 26 / 30 videos. Now, I’m ready to proceed to bigger projects.

Day 30 vlog