I always wanted to sing

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved singing. I always wanted to sing. But I never really had a chance and my parents are not into it. My father even keeps on saying that it’s gay to sing and I should stop it.

Since March 13, I started living alone in my shop downtown. This time, no one will stop me from singing. Few days after I moved, a community quarantine was imposed which forced my shop to be closed down. I didn’t want my days to go wasted so I decided to use the lock down period to finally start learning how to sing.

I am documenting my learning process on a brand new YouTube channel. Although I never shared it to everyone yet except my two friends who I think could help me improve my singing.

I called this channel Potato Singer because I think I’m a potato when it comes to singing.

Every week I will post things that I have learned and things that I am working on.

If you want to see my journey through this passion. Feel free to subscribe. You can check it here.

I hope to see and hear from people who are either pro or beginner singers around.

Here is my first video explaining about the vlog.