Before I die – Bucket List

I always wanted to make the most out of my life but I also know that I can only do so much. You might think that these things on this list are easy, I think so too. Nothing is really impossible especially if we put in real time and real effort, I think so too.

I decided to put them here because I don’t plan on putting them on my priority and make steps to do achieve them.

Anything that you want to happen but don’t work for it are not really goals. They are just wishful thinking.

An old proverb

Basically this is a list of stuff I wish would happen one day. Time may come I might actually pursue them. Who knows?

  • Mag talk about business sa mahigit 1,000 na tao. Done! Twice!
  • Kumanta sa harap ng maraming tao. Kahit sa small event lang.
  • Sumali sa Cosplay Competition as a Cosplayer.
  • Umekstra sa TV Show, Movie, Online Streaming, or Any big show.
  • Pumasyal sa at least top 50 travel places of the Philippines.
  • Maging YouTube star! 1,000,000 subscribers?
  • Limang anak.

This list is a continuously evolving list. I will keep on updating them as time goes by.