My Solution to the Biggest Problem of MLBB Players

It’s been few days since I started the 30 day MLBB Challenge, and as I continue to evolve in game, I also started noticing a big problem that most MLBB Players have. It is the players them selves.

This game is so popular because it is nice and quite easy to acquire, it’s free after all. Almost anyone who owns an android phone with at least 3GB ram and free space of 4GB internal storage could download it from the Google Play Store and play Mobile Legends Bang Bang within minutes.

Even a child could have it!

That accessibility was great for it’s propagation but it also creates a chaos especially for serious gamers. This game falls under the esports category and it is very competitive, but at the same time it is infested with players who do not respect the game itself.

Playing a MOBA game like MLBB means playing online with or against real people in real time. Having to play games with AKFers, trash talkers, cry babies, throwers, account buyers, and cheaters, in short game cancers, would definitely ruin the game especially for serious gamers. You will find yourself often in a game where everyone’s fighting even before the game starts. No one’s cooperating in a supposed to be a cooperative game. I know that these types of gamers exists everywhere but for MLBB, they exists at an extremely high rate. Almost 95% of my solo queue games have at least 1 of them either on my team or the enemy team.

MLBB is a competitive game but it has become a game of luck instead of skill. You have to be very lucky to to be in party with good players or else you’ll end up playing with random game cancers or be against another team who’s case is worse than yours.

Although Moontoon has laid out ways to prevent players from being toxic within the game, like ability to report players of bad behavior, they are still rampant.

How big is this problem?

One afternoon while I was scrolling deep into my Facebook news feed, I saw a meme shared by my brother, it’s a meme of a hero asking the Lord in MLBB to give him good team mates. It had thousands of reactions making me think that there’s a bunch of people who has the same problem. I want to know them and filter people whom I would with so I thought of making a response meme. I made a meme that answered the hero where to find other players.

Sumagot na si Lord.

Posted by Chicoi Playz on Monday, May 4, 2020
As of this wiring, this photo has reached 86, 965 people.

This post have reached a bunch of people reacting and seeing how people responded to that meme, I decided to make a follow up post with a strong statement I have in mind, “Solo Queue is just a waste of time”, and the response was tremendous!

Change my mind… Solo Gaming is just a waste of time! Imbes na game of skill, nagiging game of luck na lang!#NoToSoloGaming join the Solid Bords Squad! Be part of #TeamPaangat

Posted by Chicoi Playz on Tuesday, May 5, 2020
As of this wiring, this photo has reached 189,396 people.

This made me realize that this problem is ravaging all around Mobile legends bang bang wolrd! There are thousands of players who have the same sentiment as me! Most people said that they are tired of it and all they really want is a good game with good players.

That made me realize what I could do for this community.

The solution

I always know that playing in solo queue is the main problem because it’s always a surprise who you’ll be playing with. Therefore, the solution is surprisingly simple. Do not play in solo queue.

But getting there is not that simple at all. Finding friends to play with is almost impossible for other players, that’s where I step in.

I told myself that I’d make a way to bring them together. So I created a group that would separate all of us from the game cancers. I invited everyone who’s tired of playing alone and want to have a decent real competitive games with real competitive players. My Facebook group was called Solid Bords Squad, before all this it only has 460 members, but since I started focusing on solving this simple yet huge problem for them, it is now at around 1,560 members!

In just few days we have attracted over a thousand MLBB Players to join!

Now my group is quite active. Every now and then people are posting their stats and stories to try and find friends to play with. Some people posts stuff about their games, some posts memes and funny MLBB related videos. Now I will never have a shortage of good players to play with.

Since the group has started to focus on a specific game, I renamed my group from Solid Bords Squad to Solid Bords Squad [MLBB], that way it’s easier to understand what’s the group about.