Income streams and Investments

Income streams

As of this moment the pandemic is uncontrollable and business is still on hiatus. Thanks God I got hired as a live streamer for shopee last April. This is now my main source of income. Without this, I can’t imagine where I’ll be getting my money especially I just moved on my own.

Here I listed my three income streams as of this writing.

  1. Shopee live streaming
  2. YouTube Adsense
  3. MLBB Influencer (Diamonds)
  4. Facebook Gaming (Stars)

Shopee Live Streaming

Shopee live streaming is currently the most consistent and most reliable of them all because it’s like a regular job. I have to work 22 days a month. I get paid a generous amount for just an hour of work and it’s also currently the only income I can actually use right now. I make around P17,000 a month.

One problem is that, you have to worry every month if you’ll ever be renewed.

YouTube Adsesne

I can’t rely on YouTube adsense because I only make about 20 USD a month and I’ve set this to 1,000 USD before I can withdraw and use it. That’s around P1,000 a month although I can’t use it yet.

MLBB Influencer

The income I get from MLBB Influencer program is not in cash. It’s in a form of diamonds. Although it’s not cash, I can use it as replacement for huge chunk of marketing expense of my Personal Brand in gaming. It depends on the activities I was able to do. I’ll estimate it to around 3,000 diamonds a week on minimum.

Facebook Gaming

Lastly Facebook Gaming, I get stars from the viewers irregularly. This is very unreliable right now because it’s based on the generosity of the viewers. There are days that no one actually send any stars at all. 1 star is equivalent to $0.01.


For the first time, I actually intentionally started looking for other investments that is small enough for what I am earning right now. Investments that I can start with few thousands pesos that I save from my shopee earnings.

I opened a Pag-ibig Savings MP2 online and updated MP1 which is expected to gain about 5% to 8% income per year. I allotted P1,000 on MP2 and P500 on MP1. I already paid the contribution for the whole year.

I’m looking forward into adding few more income streams as the economy starts to open up to the public once again.