New Normal New Brand for Chicoi Solutions

It’s been 4 months since the lock down. My small business can’t take it anymore. The only choice right now is to move forward and accept that things have changed. If I do not act and innovate now, it will be too late. The business whom I treated as my baby and cared for over 6 years will die in vain. Accept the new normal and take a good look to what’s coming up to survive.

Thinking it over and over and saw that some of the services that we offer at our physical stores are still relevant. Since most people are already shifting to working and studying from home, they might come up with new problems that we can solve. I changed the branding of the business and walked away from the leisure type of services and decided to focus on office related services such as document and photo printing, lamination, bir assistance, bills payment etc.

BOSS Station by Chicoi

From Chicoi Solutions, the physical stores will now be called “Basic Office Solutions & Services by Chicoi” In short it will be called BOSS Station. Which literally translates to our stores being the place to seek computer related assistance to ease some of their office and school related problems like the services stated above.

I also created a new Logo for this and I’m happy with how it turned out.