Scared to start

How to start a business when you’re scared AF.

  • Too much risk. The security of a job.
  • Kulang sa experience.
  • Kulang sa knowledge.
  • Walang puhunan.
  • Walang tiwala sa sarili.
  • Scared to Fail

Things to do before you start

  1. Go to trainings related to self development, business management, people management, basic accounting lessons, etc.
  2. Expose yourself to selling small stuff. Let’s see how you feel if you sell to your workmates or anyone about anything. Ashamed or you don’t care?
  3. Try to expand your network within your workplace. See if you can talk to 1 random person you do not know everyday.
  4. Join and learn a sports. I recommend martial arts especially karatedo. It will help you build your character. They will keep challenging your guts.
  5. Check your work etiquette. Do you show up on time? do you do your best? Do you keep on challenging yourself to be better?
  6. Circle yourself with other business owners. Join Kasosyo Malupet Group ni kasosyong Arvin Orubia.

It’s okay to be scared. What’s not okay is to not chase that dream. You will end up regretting for not even trying.