Year End Report 2020

I guess everyone would agree, “2020 was a hell of a ride!”. We started this year with a huge blast. A literal blast! The Taal volcano erupted last January 12, 2020. It  blew up tremendous amount of volcanic ash and rendered much parts of Luzon like Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Batangas in state of calamity. It affected the electricity, internet, and transportation.

Few weeks later, the spread of Corona Virus(which was then called COVID 19) went uncontrolled. It spread across countries in record time! In march 16, a lockdown was implemented to prevent the spread of the covid 19.

Business goals

My two main businesses, Chicoi Solutions and Chicoi Esports Cafe, were highly affected because of the lockdown. We are forced to close and forced to pay internet and rentals despite not having a singlel centavo coming in.

  1. Checkbox Add one more branch of Chicoi Esports Cafe. ~ I can’t do it anymore because of the pandemic. I was barely able to hold it pa nga and then ended up closing the place until further notice to minimize the rental costs.
  2. Start another business – I did this part because I have to. I already depleted all my savings to sustain the all the 3 shops. Although the businesses I started are none of the businesses I listed before.

I started not just one but two businesses to help me sustain my daily needs. Although it’s a huge gambling because I was starting this businesses during a pandemic. Not a really good time to test a business.

  • Sulit Ukay deals – started this last October. We sell ukay online through shopee.
  • Kaminari Go PH – started operating this Dec 1. I should have started this when I thought of it during the early part of April.

Social Media Goals

Because of the pandemic, I was able to give focus on my content this year. I wanted to reach few numbers but still failed most of them because I shifted my focus to some more important and urgent needs.

YouTube Goals: I started 2020 at 11,827 and targeted 52 videos, 4 collaborations, and 20,000 subscribers.

But here’s what happened, 

  • I did 47/52 videos
  • 0/4 collaborations
  • 12,878 / 20,000 subscribers

I was able to make 47 videos because of the “30 day vlogging challenge”. But then I was not able to sustain it after that.

I made Zero collaborations but for some reason I ended up in Kasosyo Arvin’s vlogs. I volunteered to be his moderator on his Zoom meetings and later did I know that he will be using those meetings on his channel. Now I’m a regular guy on all his previous vlogs. Isn’t that amazing?

I also started two channels this year. Chicoi Playz and Entrep Diaries. But Decided to not continue working on Chicoi Playz because I was not playing MLBB or any other games anymore.

I focused on Entrep Diaries and now it has 876 subscribers! I guess I’ll be focusing on that channel this year too.

Instagram: I started at 8,197 and targeted 52 posts and 15,000 followers

I achieved the 52 / 52 posts but it was not evenly spread out through out the year. It gained a total of 24k likes with an average of 461 likes per post. Followers are also now at 10,600 / 15,000. Still a long way to go. 

FB Gaming & Shopee

Other than YouTube and Instagram, I also focused on developing a name in the Game Streaming Industry. I streamed for over 100 days and after not seeing the results I wanted, I stopped and decided it’s not for me.

On the other hand, I was contacted by a shopee employee and asked to be an official Livestreamer for them. It started April and ended in October. I gained 10k followers on shopee which I have not yet utilized.

Health and Fitness Goals

I wanted to attend regular karate training at least once a week. Yes I did it until the lockdown in March came. Since then I focused on just doing business stuff so I didn’t also achieved the muscle goals I had.

Fund and Recreational Goals

  1.  Go hike a new mountain – Not a chance.
  2.  Go on a travel – Did went to Palawan with friends for few days on my Birthday.
  3.  Buy 2 cool shoes worth 10k above. So this will be the start of collecting shoes. Can’t even pay the bills anymore.

In times like these, we have to choose what to prioritize.

Mind and  Learning Goals   

  1. Learn some rhythm guitar songs.
  2. Pass JLPT at least N5.

These goals totally went off my head.

Relationship Goal

For my relationship goal with my family.

  1. Do a really fun activity with my little brother bambam. Either karate training, mountain bikes, or vlogs.
  2. Go out with Mama at least twice this year.

I was able to do many things with my brother bambam. He is now living with me. On the other hand, I started living on my own since March 13. I had to leave home due to a very bad argument with my mom.

November this year, I met a girl whos name I cannot tell yet. We have been dating for over a month now and I think that after a very very long halt, I’m getting close to having a real relationship this time.

Despite all these failures I believe that God has never let me down. This is just a phase of learning and story that I will be telling my children in the future.