My Goals for 2021

This year 2021, Let us focus on things we can control! Last year I did well surviving. But I missed other stuff that I could have taken advantage of during the pandemic. Like getting into better physique, making more content, and learning new stuff! Those things can be done even if there’s a lock down in place.

Since there are no assurance that our situation will go back to an old normal, let’s assume that the new normal will be the forever normal. Learn and take advantage of the situation. Create things that you can do at the comfort of your home office.

Business Goals

My priority business this year will be Kaminari Go PH. But I won’t let BOSS Station and Chicoi Esports Cafe go to waste. I will not add another business anymore. Just focus on developing them.

#1 Kaminari Go PHOperate Kaminari Go PH delivery services for the whole province of Cavite.

  • Get 30,000 application users
  • Get an average of 100 deliveries per day before the year ends.

#2 BOSS Station The goal for this year is to just keep it running and prepare it for franchising.

  • Create a franchise manual

#3 Chicoi Esports CafeI decided to temporarily close it down until I am ready to recreate the business to the current needs of the target market.

#4 Sulit Ukay Deals – Continue operating this online shop all throughout the year. This should continue working with very minimal supervision.

Social Media Career Goals

My social media career is NOW OR NEVER. After all these years, I still failed to create the content I have to do because of silly reasons like procrastination. If I still fail to do it this time due to the same reason, I better burrow this dream of becoming a real “youtuber” forever.

First I will finish my Personal Branding plan and then start creating content around it.

YouTube – I started a new channel last year and this year called Entrep Diaries. I saw the growth I wanted so I’ll be focusing on it further. The goal is simple, create consistent content all throughout the year for both Chicoi Gonzales Vlogs and Chicoi Gonzales Entrep Diaries.

  • At least 1 video a week total of at least 52 videos this year per channel.

Instagram – create consistent content

  • At least 1 post per week total of at least 52 posts for the year.

Physical Goals

At least once in my life, gusto ko ng malakas at well defined “machoman” body.

Karate Training

  • 1 training per week

Weight Training

  • At least 5 minutes everyday
  • Reduce body fat to 15%

Mind & Skill Goals

  • Continue learning Japanese language. Try to take Japanese Language Literacy Exams.
  • Read 6 books about business and personality development.

Spiritual and Recreational Goals

  • Hike a mountain if applicable.
  • Travel for few days somewhere I’ve never been before.
  • Reconnect with God by going to the Church more often.

Learn to ask for more. I know I’m blessed beyond my imagination and I feel it’s too much if I ask for anything else, but someone told me it’s not wrong to ask God for more. I guess slowly, I will learn to do it to God and to other people too.

Relationship Goals

Madami akong gustong gawin kapag may girlfriend na ako, pero wala namang sigurado sa part na ito hanggat wala pang kinaklaro. Ang mahalaga sa ngayon I keep myself open and I try to reach out. Saka na ako mag paplano kapag meron na.

Family Goals

  • Go on a date with mama twice this year.
  • Go to church with Mama and Bambam weekly.

Social Goals

  • Go on and participate in one(1) outreach program.
  • Continue helping other new entrepreneurs with my content.

For this year. I will assume na hindi na talaga babalik sa dati ang lahat. I’ll be turning 30 and I want to keep the fire burning. Marami pa kong gustong gawin sa buhay at gusto ko na rin magkaron ng pamilya. Kaso paano kung wala pa naman akong stable na kabuhayan? Baka pahirapan ko lang magiging pamilya ko non.

What ever happens I’ll just keep on working on my dreams one step at a time. I won’t waste the gift of life that God bestowed upon me each and every morning. He has given me all the basic things that I need, I just have to use it properly.