Founder & Entrepreneur

Consultant for MSMEs

Motivational Speaker

Chicoi Gonzales holding a mic wearng a formal coat and tie seemingly speaking n stage

Founder & CEO

Logo of KuKu Express Solutions

KuKu Express Solutions Inc.

A "super app" that offers solutions to underserved areas.

Kit & Chen Foods Corp

A compact, multi-brand restaurant hub focusing on online sales via delivery and pickup.

Consultancy Services

Logo of Bright Start Business Support Services

Bright Start Business Support Services

Supporting Filipino MSMEs to set up and grow their businesses through assistance on legal processes, documentations, trainings, seminars, and consulations.

"Maybe, we can change the world if we can change the lives of people around us." ~ Chicoi

Rev Cortez

OIC Regional Director

Region IVA

"Chicoi is one of the MSMEs who is very aggressive, dynamic, lively, and he has a happy disposition. He take his problems positively. He also made use of digitalization to expand and as an avenue for growth in KuKu Express. I'm proud of him for figuring out this business."

Chicoi Gonzales smiling and wearing his yellow Kuku express road uniform. He's also holding a yellow helmet on his left hand.


Founder & Entrepreneur | Consultant for MSMEs | Motivational Speaker

An entrepreneur and marketing specialist with over a decade of business experience, Chicoi Gonzales leverages his unique blend of skills in IT, app development, and startup experience to empower MSMEs.

As a dynamic speaker and dedicated coach, he has spent years educating and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and startups, helping them navigate the complexities of the business world. Chicoi Gonzales combines his business acumen, information technology technical expertise, and passion for mentorship to inspire other entrepreneurs. Whether through speaking engagements, coaching sessions, or hands-on consulting, Chicoi is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the entrepreneurial community.

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